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We can’t put a photo on the website for copyright reasons, but if you take the tour of the shop as you turn in the entrance you will see three pictures on the wall of how other people have arranged theirs. It is such a personal thing that we suggest you contact us and we can ring you back in the evening to discuss it then work out prices.

Some of the things you might want to think about are: how many people ? how much each? is anyone pregnant? Any allergies? You might like to know that in the past we’ve done cheese wedding cakes topped with 2 pound pork pies! Generally a cheese wedding cake will cost no more than a standard wedding cake but will provide the pudding course.

However, you can’t usually save any for the Christening!

Coronavirus Update

Due to the recent Government advice regarding COVID-19, we have made the hard decision to close our shop. Unfortunately, we are not able to take orders online due to our stock being in our shop.

We wish all of our customers the best and hope to see you all soon when we re-open.

Welcome to The Cheeseboard Sidmouth

Welcome. Whether you have been in the shop when visiting Sidmouth or just come across us on the internet we hope you enjoy this experience.

If you have been a physical visitor then you’ll know how extensive our range is and that it covers much more than cheese. You’ll also, we hope, be happy that you are able to get all the things that you liked when you were down in sunny [sometimes] East Devon.

If you have only been here electronically then I would encourage you to browse all parts of the shop and maybe use the “contact us” facility if you have any questions.

We are not boffins when it comes to websites, but we know some people that are and one of the parameters we set was that we should be able to navigate it without difficulty – working on the premise that if we could then you could.


Cheese Hampers

We Supply Hampers

Although we have set hampers, please be aware that all our orders go out in hampers so are suitable as presents.

We are, though, open to suggestions if you think it could be improved.

We are fortunate to live and work in an area of outstanding natural beauty which also has a fine tradition of producing excellent food.

By “local cheese” we mean cheeses produced in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset. More or less “the peninsular”.

We have sorted the cheeses so you can search by milk type or cheese type and used abbreviations with each cheese so that you can double check that it is suitable for yourself or any guests. Those with dairy sensitivity can usually eat sheep’ or goats’ milk cheeses without ill effects – but not always.