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I don’t usually use these muses to promote a particular cheese, but this one and number (2) will be exceptions.  We wash the rinds of some of our cheeses in brine or, in the case of Stinking Bishop, Perry and other alcohols.  So do the French and Spanish.  The Italians do things a little differently sometimes.  In this case they take a blue cheese and submerge it in sweet red wine for a month.  They then take it out, more or less drain it, cover the top with fruit and vacuum pack it.  We get it whole and when we first open it we use a lot of kitchen towel as the blue veins are still full of red wine which drains out when we cut the cheese.

The result is unusual to say the least.  You will agree, i hope, that blue cheese and red wine go together.  What do you think they are like when combined?  See “Why didn’t we think of that (2)” for the one that tastes like champagne.