Luxury Christmas Hamper


A wonderful selection of Cheese and hand-selected luxury accompaniments and treats.

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Luxury Christmas Hamper:

Reblochon 250g

Tor Pyramid 200g (Goats Cheese)

Snowdonia Black Bomber 200g

Dean's Shortbread Selection 500g (Special Edition Tin)

Baileys Chocolate Selection 138g

Furniss Christmas Cornish Gingerbread 200g

Teoni's Christmas Pudding Cookies 300g

bay Tree Christmassy Pickle 100g

Highfield Preserves Winter Morning Ginger Marmalade 340g

Highfield Preserves Strawberry & Champagne Conserve 113g

Stag Something Different for Cheese 300g (a wonderful fruit cake)

Rendles Venison Game Pate 180g

Wilkin & Sons Brandy Butter 170g

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