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A handmade, artisan cheese which has a firm texture and crumbly centre. Matured up to 4 weeks, the cheese is mild and fresh tasting with a light lemon taste

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The Sharpham Ticklemore Goat is a pasteurised, semi-hard goat milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. It's named after a street in Totnes where the Ticklemore Cheese Shop is located. Ticklemore has a moist and crumbly texture with a zesty, floral flavour and can sometimes be soft just under the rind. It has a white, bloomy rind and a delicious subtle lemony flavour.
It is a brilliant match with figs, ripe pears, Medjool dates and beetroot. Particularly good in salads, it can be used anywhere melted cheese is needed in a recipe. The goat milk that goes into Sharpham Ticklemore has been produced by Will and Su at Button Farm for over thirty years.  The shape and surface patterns from the moulds are unique. It has a beautiful, pure white body which contrasts with the golden yellow of Jersey cow milk cheeses. The freshly made cheese is drained in the cheese moulds for forty eight hours, then hand salted and moved to a cool maturing room. Here it is turned regularly and the white bloomy mold is rubbed by hand weekly, thus forming the thin natural rind of the cheese.

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