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First is on the subject of that great French cheese Compte [there’s supposed to be and accent over the last “e” but my keyboard skills aren’t up to that].

Apparently if it doesn’t meet its taste standards it is reclassified as first class Gruyere [more missing accents] and the people who make it in the high Jura mountains only work for about 8 months.

That’s not quite accurate because in the months when they’re not making Compte they’re making Vacharin Mont D’Or.  Hard to think of two more contrasting cheeses.

Second thought is for a quick desert.

Take a ripe dessert pear  Half it and scoop out both cores.  Squash enough Perl Las or Blacksticks Blue into it to fill the cavity and form a small mound.  Take a small slice off the bottom so it doesn’t wobble and stick the slice in the cheese.  Add some fig balsamic cream glaze if you like then devour.  A meerkat would say “simples”.